‘The Target’ is a sensational expose

I know it is a very filmy headline, but I think it is really apt. I have heard a lot of stories in which Jignesh Shah was painted black. How he routed black money with the help of brokers, how he bypassed the regulations and violated the norms of the exchange laws, how he had formed nexus with the brokers and defaulters to cheat the investors trading on his platform. Like the herd of blind fools, I followed and believed the public perception. But, often, the truth is entirely different.

I read Shantanu Guha Ray’s ‘The Target’ and came to realise that Jignesh Shah is actually beyond these petty things. For a man, who made a lot of money through his exchanges, this Rs 5600 crore is not really a big deal. So it is quite surprising to think that  the public image of this great pioneer of exchange industry is quite low.

This book gives you the other side of what happened in NSEL. Jignesh Shah‘s fear, unhappiness, anger, loneliness and the deep rooted hurt at being misread so negatively by the media. Why should this happen to a man like him – an entrepreneur who created 10 exchange ventures and turned the way the world looks at the Indian financial markets?