the target book reviews

The Target – A Sordid Conspiracy

The Target – is an eye-opener as it reveals a sordid conspiracy hatched by the unholy nexus of bureaucrats-politicians-regulator, against FTIL Group and its promoter Jignesh Shah.

Mr. Shantanu Guha Ray has gone deep into the story and revealed the various actions by the government. The writer also expresses that the resolution of the NSEL crisis is possible if only all involved, government, FTIL, defaulters-who possess the entire default amount, and brokers get together and put a concerted effort. The author very subtly conveys that such a big, national level crisis should be the top most agenda for the government and be resolved at the earliest

Such a blatant read about how innovation gets stifled at the hands of a few vested interests, at the cost of the nation’s growth, millions of jobs, and faith in the corporate governance.

Selective diction, devoid of lengthy phrases, and easy style make The Target Book an excellent piece of literature. Highly recommended to all.


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