the target book reviews

‘The Target’ – A must read for Budding Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Business Leaders

The Indian market is perhaps the most difficult in the world to succeed in. India’s diverse socio-economic conditions and a unique political climate offer both, advantages as well as certain challenges to its business leaders, including innovators and entrepreneurs.

All professionals and business leaders find themselves facing challenging situations. These could range from possible disputes with its manpower, customers, its chain of suppliers or distributors or even regulatory or government authorities. In some case, these disputes have assumed disastrous proportions in our country.

Senior journalist Mr. Shantanu Guha Ray has taken a hard look at the challenges that India’s innovation and entrepreneurship industry faces today. The book provides wonderfully nuanced insights into the world of Corporate India, its cut-throat rivalry and competition for big fortunes.

‘The Target’ is a real-life story of Jignesh Shah, an innovator and an entrepreneur who transformed Indian financial markets. It is an essential read for business leaders wanting to understand the dynamics of emerging markets.

Jignesh Shah is modern John Galt of India.


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