the target book

The Target – A comprehensive account of NSEL crisis

The Target, by ShantanuGuha Ray, hovers around the conspiracy hatched by a few bureaucrats and politicians, having vested interests, against the poster boy of Indian exchange market, Jignesh Shah.

The title alone pretty much conveys the gist of the account. The author gives a vivid description of how the big NSEL crisis unfolded and led to a series of untoward actions by the regulatory authority and the investigative agencies against FTIL group and its promoter Jignesh Shah.

The author has very well brought to the fore the goof-ups on the part of the Forward Markets Commission, a regulatory authority of the National Spot Exchange Limited, causes of the crisis, and the nasty approach of the investigative agencies towards the case. And yes, FMC had the biggest role in triggering the NSEL crisis.

Shantanu has exposed this link-up between crooked politicians and bureaucrats. He has also elaborated on the ill-intention of KP Krishnan and P. Chidambaram as how being supporters of NSE they perceived the success of FTIL group, especially MCX, as a big threat to NSE.

A must-read for all those interested in hidden politician-bureaucrat nexus and its impact on the masses.

Jignesh Shah – The modern John Galt Of India.


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