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For long should we bear vindictive orders in the face of public interest?

The NSEL crisis that occurred in mid-2013 has captured quite a bit of news over the past couple of months. It has got even more interesting, after the government ordered the merger of NSEL with its parent, FTIL.

For all those who are still not aware of the case, there is a book out on the market that covers the entire crisis in detail, highlighting the roles of all those who were responsible for it. Titled, The Target Book, the book is written by Shantanu Guha Ray, and brings to light how the then ruling government issued ‘forceful’ and biased orders against the founder of NSELJignesh Shah.

The government took all possible unwarranted measures to demean a national vision, going to the extent of slapping unlawful orders on both his companies, NSEL and FTIL.

Forcing merger on two companies on the pretext of “public or national interest” was quite a stretch. The essential public interest that is the pre-requisite for exercise of power under section 396 is very much absent in the above mentioned case. The government & its authorities are yet to clarify what they really mean by ‘public interest’.

While the book is an excellent medium to reach those who can bring about justice in this case, it raises hopes of a fair trial finally. A must-read.


2 thoughts on “For long should we bear vindictive orders in the face of public interest?

  1. It’s been 3 years that aRs 5,600 crore payment crisis at the National Spot Exchange Limited shook the corporate world, but the issue remains at the centre of multi-investigative agencies, numerous litigations, and an endless blame game. The book reveals that NSEL crisis was a conspiracy carefully hatched by an unholy nexus between some bureaucrats and market competitors


  2. The book unravels the dangerous game of vested interests in the union ministry targeting FTIL Group, its promoter Jignesh Shah, and eventually impacting corporate India.The author talks about the various actions against FTIL such as forcing them to exit exchange businesses and also forcing the merger of NSEL with FTILwhich does not serve any public interest.


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