Shantanu’s New Book nails the lies about NSEL crisis

I am a huge fan of Shantanu Guha Ray. His earlier books such as ‘Fixed!: Cash and Corruption in Cricket’ was really deep and went through every corner of the scandal that rocked the world of cricket in 2013. It was the same year that NSEL crisis broke and shocked the financial markets. Just that Shantanu has chosen to write the story behind that crisis, three years later. I must say that his book has once again done the unthinkable – revealed a side that was hidden purposely. I read ‘The Target’ because of Shantanu Guha Ray. I can guarantee you, that now I have enhanced my knowledge about the exchange industry. I also read up about Jignesh Shah. The book is written to show the parallel Government that is run by bureaucrats in the Centre and the State. And, the NSEL crisis is culmination of corporate jealousy, vested interests and the showcase of power by certain Government officials who were aware that they can get away with anything as long as they know how to pull the right chains.

I am just glad that Shantanu had the courage to expose a side that was masked in such a way that it would look like only one man is to blame for the entire Rs 5,600 cr crisis and that too in the financial markets that is practically run by influential brokers.


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