The Target – An insight into the NSEL crisis

Friends…now that there is a book out on it, I am trying to make sense of this Rs 5600 crore NSEL crisis because some of my very close relatives from Rajkot have lost money in that. These guys paid the money to buy commodities but  never got them.

And now the book—the target by Shantanu GuhaRay—has a completely different story to tell. It is actually deconstructing a conspiracy behind the NSEL crisis. And I want to know who the hell is this IAS officer K P Krishnan, who along with another babu Ramesh Abhishek, executed this plan.

The book reveals that Chidambaram wanted to finish off JigneshShah of FTIL and hence chose these babus to attack NSEL. The book has produced an official letter in which KPK describes the strategy by which NCDEX promoted by NSE, could be made stronger so that it could give tough competition to MCX of FTIL group.

An engrossing read, the book leaves the readers with very many question marks.Read it as of yesterday.A sure-shot thriller.


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