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This man wanted to change the Socio-Economic face of India

Feels so good and inspired to read about such businessmen who give equal weight age to Corporate Social Responsibility as well.Those who think for the betterment of all classes of society. I came across one such example recently while reading a book by Shantanu Guha Ray. The book is titled The Target Book and is based on the successful businessman – Jignesh Shah.

One of the most ingenious schemes to have come up for the welfare of the masses is Gramin Suvidha Kendra, an initiative of Jignesh Shah, conceived to change farming for the marginal farmer. Often associated with massive exchanges and global set-ups, Shah’s association with GSK proves that he is a man beyond the wealth he has generated.  Spread over 4 states, it has benefited 30000 farmers and has generated a million jobs in the economy.

Awarded with multiple recognition, the project played a crucial role in making farming economically sustainable by providing knowledge on best practices and critical linkages to the market throughout crop cycle.The far-sighted visionary who has unassumingly essayed a part in the making of a nation cannot be denied his due credit.

The consequences if forces like Shah are made to exit market dynamics will manifest in unsavory forms like languid advancement and innovation.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


One thought on “This man wanted to change the Socio-Economic face of India

  1. I’m surely impressed

    The Target is my first ever book from Authors Upfront and I’m really

    impressed. A very well made book for a very modest price. The kind

    of work Shantanu Guha Ray has done by introducing the story of

    Jignesh Shah and FTIL is just laudable.


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