the target book reviews

How can you arrest a man on the same allegation again and again and again?

Jignesh Shah has been arrested thrice. Strangely enough, all the investigative agencies Economic Offences Wing, the Enforcement Directorate and Mumbai Police, cited the same reason for Mr Shah’s arrest—his non-cooperation. But none of these agencies could produce any evidence against him. In fact, the Special Court that heard ED’s case released Shah on bail ruling that his very arrest was illegal. This proves what is mentioned in the ‘The Target Book,’ authored by Shantanu Guha Ray, is true.  Shah has been wrongly targeted.

The case clearly hints at a conspiracy hatched by some vested interests. None of the defaulters, who have admitted to possessing the entire default money, and the brokers have ever been arrested. Why? Why all actions against Shah and that too when there is no evidence against him.How can the Government allow such a biased treatment! Do we see an end to the harassment to just one person? Will the Government, regulatory and investigative agencies take concerted actions against all those involved

The truth is out in the open. It is high time that the ED, EOW-Mumbai, and CBI take concerted actions against brokers and defaulters.Apart from just punishing the wrong doers, Government must focus on recovering the lost money of the investors.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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