the target book reviews

How this man never feared risk?

Achieving success is rarely a smooth ride. I guess each one of you must have come across many examples of people who had to face great adversity in life but did succeed to get to the very top against all the odds.

While recently reading a book, I too came across one such example, which I thought I must share with all of you. Titled, The Target Book, this book is written by renowned writer Shantanu Guha Ray, and talks about the journey of struggle and hope of an Indian entrepreneur, who started with nothing but got to the top.

Based on Jignesh Shah, the book is a must-read for all those aspirants who fear to start their journey only because of risks or the possibility of failure. Just like Jignesh Shah made a fortune without having any kind of background in the field of finance, I’m sure the book will help young dreamers to get the confidence in hard work, faith, and truth.

The best part is that the book also covers how despite being successful and working for the betterment of India, Jignesh Shah was still targeted by a few greedy powerful demons, for no fault at all.

May be his only plus point: The aptitude to take calculated risks scared these demons who ganged up to stop him in his path of success. For all he knew was that taking calculated risks is winning and winning ensures huge returns.

Read for yourself to unravel the mystery…

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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