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The Jignesh Shah Story: In India, create and get punished

Corruption has become a major public concern in India. A nexus of big corporate, politicians and bureaucrats has made our system more vulnerable to criminality. But there is always a silver lining that every dark cloud carries. And amongst the dark cloud of the unholy nexus of big corporate, politicians and bureaucrats, was the determination of Jignesh Shah to take India to global heights. It was sheer confidence and hard work that led him to become the inspiring figure he is today.

I write this today, having read an amazing book on him – The Target Book, by ShantanuGuha Ray. A book on his journey from belonging to a middle-class family and establishing world-class trading systems that changed the face on Indian finance. While reading about a few of his innovations, I realized how he envisioned revolutionary systems that no one dared to think in that era. His innovations impressed governments of other countries to the extent that they wanted to replicate his models in their countries.

As I proceeded with the book, I came across a few chapters on how a few powerful got together to destroy him and his systems. And that is where I realized that our country is still in the British Raj….you get assaulted for being revolutionizing. A person, whom the foreign governments were praising and requesting for setting up systems in their countries, was brutally stunted and humiliated to the extent that he had to revoke his associations from his own creations.

Is this what he deserved?

Would urge all you responsible citizens of this country to read this book and answer this hurting question.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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