the target book reviews

You can look for True Inspiration in The Target

For all those aspirants who fear starting their journey only because of risks involved or the possibility of failure, get to the bookstore and pick up The Target Book. We all know in today’s world of uncertainties, no one sure of tomorrow. We have become so susceptible to anxiety, that we prefer the easy path.

But, here’s a classic book that will inspire you to be who you are, and get over fears. A book that will help you gather yourself and STAY STRONG.

The Target, written by ShantanuGuha Ray, is a book that talks about the journey of struggle and hope of the Indian entrepreneur – Jignesh Shah, who started with nothing but got to the top. And how despite being battered by people as powerful as politicians, he is staying strong and never gives up.

For all those, who don’t know Jignesh Shah – He played a prominent role in shaping the modern Indian Financial Markets through his domain expertise, ambition, and far-sighted vision of putting the Indian Markets on the World Map.

His venture delved into providing capital market software and grew on from a company of five work terminals to a full-fledged workforce of 5000 people.After cashing in the technological boom that exchanges portrayed just a decade back, he realized that there is more success in running exchanges itself. Many analysts back then, deemed this to be a stupid move, but he proved them all wrong. His flagship group, Financial Technologies, holds a dominant market share in providing broker terminals and financial software to pre-existing exchanges.

Isn’t that something we should be proud of?

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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