the target book reviews

The Target shows how a true made in India story was crushed

I recently started reading this book, which a friend suggested would help me in my project on Indian corporate governance. And I came across something rather interesting – the assault of a true Made in India story by our very own politicians and bureaucrats.

The book is taking most of my time in analyzing and understanding a scenario that something that was taking India to amazing heights was destroyed by the unholy nexus between politics and bureaucracy. The research on this aspect, which will be an important chapter now in my project – will surely highlight a few findings based on this book and a few questions for our Corporate Governance officials to answer.

I request all of you to read this book called The Target Book by Shantanu Guha Ray. It is based on the true story of an Indian entrepreneur, who reached great heights from scratch. The kind of institutions he created, the value and place each of those acquired globally,and how a few of our own politicians and bureaucrats shrugged him away so that they could be safe and rich.

But as a citizen of this country, I really want to know how no one in the system went against such selfish motives and stood by this entrepreneur when he needed such governance and support, the most?

Maybe you could read it and help me find answers.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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