the target book reviews

Jignesh Shah : once worshipped, now whipped

At a friend’s party last weekend, we happened to come up with some intense discussions, right from the Indian economy to politics to markets. As the discussions got serious, a friend who managed to make it big in the stock markets told us about this new book out in the market. He said it was about an Indian businessman who he literally worshiped while he was trading in stocks.

A few shots of tequila and we all had ourselves listening to how this friend was narrating the entire story. Not that I was grasping quite a bit that he told us that evening, but I knew I wanted to read it. So I quickly called him for the details of the book and on whom was it based.

Jignesh Shah was the man and the book was – The Target Book, by Shantanu Guha Ray. It’s been just two days that I’ve started reading but I couldn’t restrict myself from sharing this with all of you.

The book is an amazing piece of literature by the learned writer who very beautifully weaves the chapters on how an Indian businessman named Jignesh Shah was targeted by powerful classes of our nation, elaborating the kind of companies and solutions he created across decades. The endeavors that Jignesh Shah took at quite an early age, is commendable and truly inspirational for young entrepreneurs of the day.A must-read for all you youngsters.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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