the target book reviews

This is how Jignesh Shah built FTIL

While reading a book recently, I was assured of the fact that through hard work and talent, one can surely rise to the top.

It’s called- The Target Book, by ShantanuGuha Ray. The book elaborates the amazing story of Jignesh Shah – a young and determined entrepreneur from our very own Mumbai. The man not only achieved every goal he had set but went an extra mile to lead our nation’s progress.

He started his journey by pursuing electrical engineering from Mumbai University after which he successfully landed a job as an Assistant Manager managing the automation of trading systems at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

During this period, he traveled extensively across the globe in an attempt to understand how exchanges work as well as designed and implemented backend modules at BSE. He then quit his job and started his own company, Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) with colleagues DewangNeralla and GhanshyamRohira which dealt in providing software to capital markets. Under his tutelage, FTIL, which he self- funded with a starting capital of 500,000, grew from mere five work terminals to a 5,000 strong workforce and covered 80 per cent of the domestic base, powering practically every major Indian Internet site during the Internet boom.

The book talks about each of his endeavors in detail and all credit goes to the writer to putting such pieces of information together in the narration. I was happy to read that Jignesh Shah is still committed to launch projects that contribute directly to the national economy and support Prime Minister NarendraModi’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ campaigns.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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