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The Target : The inspiration called Jignesh Shah

You don’t necessarily need to climb the Everest to be inspiring. It could be really simple things. I write this today, having read an amazing book – The Target Book, by ShantanuGuha Ray. Based on the successful businessman – Jignesh Shah, this book speaks of his journey from belonging to a middle-class family and establishing world-class trading systems that changed the face on Indian finance.

While reading this book, I came across a lot of aspects of this self-made businessman; about how he started, his struggles, his visions, and the heights his creations reached. What I realized was that this man kept it Simple – He did what he was doing ‘With All His Heart’.

Such a simple mantra.

I’m sure each one of us wants to be different. We strive for that recognition we deserve. But we always, either end up complicating things or leave them in the middle. Having read this book, I can definitely say now that one should keep it simple – Do what you do, but do it 200% dedication.

Thanks Shantanu for this marvelous piece of literature and proud of you Jignesh Shah.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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