When Make in India actually began – MCX’s Inception In 2003 & On wards

In the international exchange market, Jignesh Shah is touted to be the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets.’ Jignesh Shah is seen as the master strategist behind India’s positioning as a global player in the exchange play field. With 10 international exchanges to his credit, it is hard to challenge his role in shaping the nation’s financial scenario.

MCX is not just the only listed exchange in India; it has also contributed to its GDP by 1%, all within a decade of inception. For reasons of cogency imbued in the fabric of the commodity bourse, it stands tall even today as the third largest exchange in the world with second and third largest trade volumes in silver and gold respectively.

Shah’s story is not just a tale of a mighty empire formed of immense wealth to boast of. It goes beyond the usual narrative of corporate structure, conception of GraminSuvidhaKendras being a case in point. He created a million jobs in the economy via the initiative, a fact brought to light by an exclusive study conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

He continues to follow not only his own start-up dreams, but to incubate aspirations of budding entrepreneurs. It would be interesting to see what innovation Shah brings about next. Shah is considered to be a visionary who is now fighting a massive battle in the courts, for his reputation and hard work has been tarnished by a few vested interests, who want to run down the man who has the distinction of creating 10 world class exchanges.

Read The Target Book for more information.


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