the target book reviews

The Target is your way of knowing everything about Jignesh Shah

So, I came across this book written by Jignesh Shah while looking up the stands for some other book. And for a person like me, who is not really a follower of news, did not know much about this man and his works.

But there was something about the cover write-up that made me buy this, and I seriously don’t regret it. I’m sure there are many others like me who wouldn’t be familiar with who Jignesh Shah is.

I always heard about stock trading, exchanges, and other such financial terms. But didn’t know I had someone living with me in my own city, who had actually created close to a dozen exchanges in India and abroad. It feels proud to come across such facts that how a person from a middle-class family could stand out of the crowd to go ahead and build solutions that benefitted everyone, right from the government, the traders, and to the most-ignored class of our country – the farmers.

But what really hurt me was reading about how and why could the same government allow destroying such a person who was only thinking about India’s progress. Though I am yet to complete reading the entire plot, I really urge you to read this revelation of truth titled – The Target Book. The writer, ShantanuGuha Ray, has done an excellent job by capturing and bringing to light every aspect of who Jignesh Shah is, his creations, and how he was actually brought down by his enemies, including politicians and corporate.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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