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Was ED arrest of Jignesh Shah illegal?

When the Enforcement Directorate picked up Jignesh Shah from their office, it was understood that he is being locked up again for another case related to NSEL – but the questions was, was it a necessary case?

When the Judge called it illegal detention of Jignesh Shah, it rocked the financial market. It brought back the question as to why he was kept in jail for so many days Jignesh Shah has been crying hoarse that he has done nothing wrong, fell on deaf ears.

The Enforcement Directorate which is supposed to protect the innocent, uncover the money trail and bring the guilty to book, were busy trying to find ways to corner Jignesh Shah. On August 6th, 2016, Jignesh Shah got bail. But, it was because the Judge in the case said that since another court has already taken cognisance of the case, Jignesh Shah’s arrest was illegal. In addition, he should have been summoned rather than arrested. It cannot become clearer than this.

If the courts have validated Jignesh Shah’s innocence, then I fail to understand why is that the investigative agencies arrested him in the first place. Now, it comes across as if the probe agencies were acting like mere agents of certain vested interests. If you read Shantanu Guha Ray’sThe Target Book‘, the truth as to who those vested interests are will come out!!!

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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