the target book reviews

How Someone Paved the Path for Financial Education

I always wondered that if all successful people of our country had taken initiatives to spread their bit of knowledge and expertise with others, it would be such a boon to young aspirants, who too dream of achieving success in various fields.

Imagine if the Ambanis trained people in trading, the Tatas in communication, software, and watches, and the Birlas in metals, cement, and textiles. Wouldn’t it have allowed anyone and everyone to easily access knowledge and grow further?

Maybe we can only hope for something like this, or maybe not hope at all.


But, there was one man who actually started with nothing but did big in his field, and even went ahead to share his expertise with everyone. A man who believed in giving it back to the society. He was Jignesh Shah. Now who captures news headlines for being corrupt and unlawful, was once acclaimed as the Innovator of Modern Financial Markets.

I was recently reading a book on him called The Target Book, by famous writer, Shantanu Guha Ray. The book elaborates how this man started from zero and reached heights as high as the Forbes list of the World’s Richest Men.

What really impressed me was his vision to allow and enable others also to achieve success in his field. One of the ventures that the book talks about is the FTKMC – an alliance IGNOU to promote nationwide education in financial markets. On reading further, I realized how FTKMC conducted a wide range of programs, which could be customized to meet the specific requirements of various institutions, for senior management, aspirant students, and women.

I wish this was allowed to flourish!

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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