the target book reviews

How Jignesh Shah’s selfless efforts were crushed by Corruption

In a developing country like ours, millions of people still suffer from acute poverty, hunger and lack of socio-economic opportunities. Corruption in high places has been a feature of our political system for many decades.

Very few take on the system and dare to stand against dirty politics and corruption. And a few amongst them even dare to go a step further to take on anything that comes in the way of our country’s progress and reputation.

I write this today, having read an amazing book on him – The Target Book, by Shantanu Guha Ray. A book on his journey from belonging to a middle-class family and establishing world-class trading systems that changed the face on Indian finance.

It feels proud to come across such facts that how a person from a middle-class family could stand out of the crowd to go ahead and build solutions that benefited everyone, right from the government, the traders, and to the most-ignored class of our country – the farmers.And how a few of our own politicians and bureaucrats shrugged it so that they could be safe and rich.

This book is a classic example of the assault of a true Made in India story by our very own politicians and bureaucrats. A must-read for all those who dream big for our Nation’s progress and character.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.

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