the target book reviews

Who will find Jignesh Shah’s missing key?

Jignesh Shah, the pioneer in next generation find tech products and solutions had the key for innovation that revolutionized modern financial markets. He and his group FTIL possessed deep domain expertise of financial markets ecosystem and an expertise to establish multi-asset exchanges in India of international repute. Other exchanges have by far not been successful in either product innovation or creating new markets due to their shallow understanding and lack of domain expertise about Indian financial markets ecosystem.

Jignesh Shah opened doors in the financial markets that no other big corporate even dreamed of doing in India. He paved a gateway for Indian financial markets to connect with global markets. He opened up foreign markets and players to India. However, with his fall, the situation has changed. The upcoming players have not been able to bring in innovation and futuristic solutions that would take the financial markets ahead.

Somehow, the key seems to have been lost. Will someone else find the key or will Jignesh Shah only have to open new doors for the nation?

For more, read the book ‘The Target Book’ by Shantanu Guha Ray.

For more information check The Target Book Reviews.


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