the target book reviews

The Target unearths the conspiracy of NSEL chakravyuya

If FTIL’s Jignesh Shah had done in 2014 what he did well, a few years before that, India would have lapped him up as the brightest hero of true make in India. This is what investigative journalist Shantanu Guha Ray says in his latest book, The Target Book.

But with the state conspiracy against him, Guha writes, Shah’s efforts at tech innovation and entrepreneurship were brought to cipher. Competitors jealous of his growth story; slowly but readily, maligned and painted him black and ensured he was sent to jail; to spend 108 days with petty thieves, smugglers, and murderers.

Guha’s investigation reveals that the plotters in Delhi and Mumbai, who worked hand in glove with each other, wanted to project a vilified and deglamourised version of Shah to the world at large. Very few know what prompted the backroom drama to ensure this belly flop. How many in India know who engineered the systematic decimation of some of India’s finest exchanges, and pushed a visionary out of a canvas he had beautifully painted and nurtured?

Guha compares this to the fate of Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, who entered the Chakravyuha, a deathly arena surrounded by warriors adopting fair means or foul (mostly foul) in the war. The book is more fascinating than you can imagine. Go, get it.


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